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Get in the Fall Spirit with this Scenic Colorado Drive

By on October 14, 2016


Colorado has been at the top of our bucket list for quite a while now for many, many reasons. For starters, my husband was born in Colorado Springs and has wished to visit his birthplace pretty much his whole life. Also, my Nannie lives in Florence, Colorado,where she and her husband own and run Heartland Antiques, and Heartland Boutique. Lastly, with the state being known for its dramatic landscape of mountains, plains, and rivers it was a place I knew I had to see at least once in my lifetime. I could list a million more reasons too, but ill just leave you with those three for now.


 I believed the best time to visit the “Colorful Colorado” state would be in the Fall, just in time to see the vibrant Aspen leaves changing below the sparkling snow capped mountains!  So last Friday we planned a scenic fall drive that turned into an all day adventure! I got to see all the Aspens and snow caps that my heart desired and check quite a few iconic, scenic landscapes off my to-do list.

Like this one.

Maroon Bells of White River National Forest


 Maroon Bells is said to be one of the most photographed spots in Colorado. Located just 12 miles southwest of the popular little ski town of Aspen.

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Another pretty popular spot we stumbled upon, unknowingly, was the Independence Pass Overlook. Located in the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 12,095 feet. It just happened to have snowed the day we were there.



Twin Lakes is another top spot we visited.


One of my favorite spots that we ran across, again, unknowingly, was Chalk Lake. This was not one that I had ever heard of but I am so thrilled that we found it. Chalk Lake is located in the stunning, San Isabel National Forest. The lake is very small in comparison to Twin Lakes but boasts a jaw-dropping view of Mount Princeton. San Isabel is also home to many, many, Aspen trees.







Like I said, this was supposed to be a half-day scenic fall drive, and it turned into a 14-hour escapade. We stopped at the Ghost Town in St. Elmo and I hate to say anything negative but I was not very impressed. It just wasn’t as neat as I had hoped it would be. Although, I did enjoy feeding the chipmunks.


Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from our trip.





I use a really neat app when I know I am going to be taking road trips, it is called Track My Tour. I can pinpoint locations that I visit on a map, attach pictures, and save other important details about the location. It helps me when I am blogging, because on trips like this one, sometimes I can’t remember exactly where all I went. I can also share each tour with my friends and family through a simple text message. Below is a screenshot of what our day looked like last Friday.


Scenic Fall Drive

If you are ever in Colorado for the Fall months, I definitely suggest adding some of these locations to your bucket list. They will certainly get you in the Fall spirit.



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